S.W.A.P 1.0 Released!!!

A few days ago (on the 25/9)  we finally got S.W.A.P out the door with the release of version 1.0. Since the release of the first beta in January S.W.A.P has been downloaded more then 2,000 times and we have seen more then 1,200 new players since the release of 1.0. If you want to be one of these new players you can get S.W.A.P here.

In addition to all the new players we have been getting some grate positive press, most notably from PC Gamer and Euro Gamer. This built on coverage we got during the beta period from places like Rock Paper Shotgun.

In order to build on the success of the launch weekend we have arranged (thanks to the guys at AIE, where S.W.A.P started) to be at EB Expo again this year. We are hoping to duplicate the success of last year and bring in a whole bunch of new (and hopefully younger) players.

In conjunction with the released of the game Justin Jet Zorbas has released the Original Sound Track. You can listen to the OST on YouTube or download it from Sound Cloud. Justin has been a terrific help during the development of S.W.A.P. Not only has he composed all the music but he provided us with all the sound effects and announcements in the game. He has also been a traffic help with play testing the game throughout out the beta period. I’d appreciate it if you could help him out by liking or sharing the OST.

Finaly what about S.W.A.P’s future? I’ll let the boys over at Chaos Theory Games answer that one. Its been a great Ride developing S.W.A.P and its not over yet :D!!