Prototyping Week 3 – Diamond Theif

A couple of weeks ago I created a basic rope physics system anticipating my group would be working on our Diamond Theif idea. However I arrived late to find that we were working on the Glider game. This week, while most of the team worked on Sprouter, a few members broke off to work on the Diamond Theif game, making use of my rope system to power the core mechanic.

The rope was made by using Character Joints in unity to connect segments composed of capsules. The first capsule is made a kinematic to anchor the rope. Following rope sections are hooked up to the section proceeding it using the character joint.

Play Here!
Note: You’ll need the unity web player.

Use the A and D keys to avoid the traps as you are lowered down to the diamond. Try and collect coins on your way down.


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