Prototyping Week 2 – Glider

The second prototype we developed was based on a skydiver in a wing suite, like this:

Pretty self explanatory really.

We had some trouble developing a functional movement system for this prototype. We tired applying a constant force and directly translating the player based on user input, however this didn’t feel right and allowed the player to go anywhere. the final system in the prototype is a monstrosity involving hooking the player up to two invisible games objects moving ‘on rails’ using springs (horrible!). The result was slow and sluggish, It didn’t feel like you were skydiving at all.

Here’s some of the Concept art:

Glider - Concept Art
Glider – Concept Art

Play it Here!


The goal is to hit the big gray slab at the end of the canyon. Avoid obstacles by moving the character using the arrow keys.


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