Prototyping Week 0 – Brainstorming

This is the first in a series of post I’m doing on my Game Prototyping assignment at college. We started out this week by brainstorming game ideas which we could later prototype.

To be honest I thought this was going to be harder than it turned out be. Once the group got started the ideas came thick and fast. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Blind Beware – Protect the blind character as he walks down the street by interacting with potential hazards around him.
  • Hazardous Hen – Player controls a character whose aim is to dodge incoming vehicles on a busy road causing as many accidents as possible without getting harmed.
  • One Armed Warrior – One armed warrior swings from a whip and can only shoot enemies when not swinging.
  • Diamond Theif – Thief on a cable lowering towards diamond, player controls speed and swing to avoid traps and obstructions.
  • Haunted to Death – Player controls a lonely ghost trying to haunt someone to death in order to gain a ghostly companion.
  • Pick Axe Prison Break – Use your pickaxe to break through walls and make your escape, don’t break too many walls or the roof will collapse.
  • Human Herding – Player controls a pack of zombies in order to herd humans to a desired location.
  • Coral Reef – Strategically grow your coral against other plants and grow your territory.
  • Spider Web – Play as a spider creating a web;  eat or enslave your prey, repair any damage.

Next week we’ll have to start taking these ideas and turn them into working game prototypes.


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